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Via Ventura 5
20134 Milano, Italy
tel.: +39.02.210581

reported by Stefano Giovanazzi

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the April 2009 issue is out

Via Ventura 5
20134 Milano, Italy
tel.: +39.02.210581

A magazine with a long tradition of dealing with architecture, design and the visual arts, ABITARE was founded and has been based in Milan since 1963. Through the development of issues around dwelling, design and the visual arts, ABITARE is exploring different ways to approach and understand reality through a magazine, exploring fresh narratives and projects.

In this issue, which accompanies the incoming Furniture Fair in Milan, the world leading event in design, ABITARE will try to understand where design and production are going.

ABITARE publishes its traditional supplement, the ABITARE Pocket Milano, a complete guide to navigate through the events, previews and activities during the Furniture Fair.

Art critic Lea Vergine visits the Jenny Holzer's exhibition in Siena, while art editor Paola Nicolin is engaged in an articulated dialogue with Emily Jacir about her work for the Hugo Boss exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

In the SOS ABITARE section, curated by editors Anna Foppiano and Matteo Poli, a design for a private house in Salento, in the South of Italy is the springboard for the comments, critiques and reflections by Renzo Piano and Rem Koolhaas, who use their sharp attention and understanding of the creative process to reconsider how architecture can shape daily life.

In the Design Anatomy section, design master Alessandro Mendini deploys a stunning array of visual references and reflections to understand the mental process behind the creation of the new lamp Zufall by Ingo Maurer.

Journalist Lucia Tozzi visits the core of the American crisis: Warrren, Michigan, an affluent suburb of Detroit, facing the risk of its own extinction. The bond between economy, politics and construction is at the core of the feature about a semi-underground residence for private guards in China, designed by Bai Yang.

In the selection of architectural designs, curated by managing editor Maria Giulia Zunino, the morphed Cube House by Plasma Studio, in Alto Adige becomes the location of the short story by writer Mario Desiati while a refurbished ancient tower close to Salerno by Cherubino Gambardella is explored by writer Giorgio Vasta.

Architecture editor Fabrizio Gallanti analyzes the new exciting phase of research and outstanding creative invention of Frank Gehry, inspired by his recently completed refurbishment of the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto.

Who is the Modern Craftsman? This topic question, referred to the new directions which seem to become relevant in design today is the occasion for an extended dialogue between sociologist Richard Sennett, designer Paolo Deganello and Triennale di Milano president Davide Rampello.

Culture researcher and Rolling Stone magazine editor in chief Carlo Antonelli tries to understand why the world would need more chairs, a very appropriate question just before the Salone del Mobile craze. A selection by production managing editor Mia Pizzi, of recent and new chairs might be the answer.

And in the Office section, Maurizio Cattelan, Massimiliano Gioni and Ali Subotnick visit the studio of artists Allora & Calzadilla.

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