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Aperture #213

Aperture Magazine

Aperture #213

Speaking the Language of Photography
Winter 2013

In the winter 2013 issue of Aperture, titled “Photography as you don’t know it,” ten leading curators, historians, writers, and publishers introduce photographers they believe have been overlooked, or are undervalued, and deserve more attention today. The issue also considers important exhibitions due for reconsideration, how various institutions respond to photography’s continually shifting boundaries, and how we might assemble the future history of photography.

WORDS—The sharpest ideas in photography
The Morgan Library & Museum’s curator of photography, Joel Smith, considers how we tell a history of photography
Katrina Sluis speaks with Christiane Paul and Julian Stallabrass about how new technologies may shape future histories of photographyВ 
Brian Dillon considers the eccentric holdings of London’s Archive of Modern Conflict
Philip Gefter speaks with Quentin Bajac, MoMA’s new chief curator of photography

Four writers reflect on exhibitions due for reconsideration:В 
Noni Stacey on Women & Work, London, 1975
Olivier Lugon on Architecture, Measure of Man, Milan, 1951
Mary Statzer on Photography into Sculpture, New York, 1970
Vanessa Rocco on the Building Workers Unions Exhibition, Berlin, 1931

PICTURES—The magazine’s visual showcase
Chris Boot on Paul Trevor‘s 1970s portrait of LiverpoolВ 
David Strettell on Japanese photographer’s Seiichi Furuya‘s MГ©moiresВ 
LACMA curator Britt Salvesen on Maria Sewcz‘s glimpse of 1980s East Germany
Lisa Hostetler on Marie Cosindas‘s color portraitsВ 
Geoffrey Batchen on Len Lye‘s Shadowgraphs
Carole Naggar on Ken Pate‘s Roquette Rockers
David Campany on Marianne Wex‘s 1970s gender typologies
Bronwyn Law-Viljoen on Ricardo Rangel‘s images of Mozambique
MoMA curator Sarah Hermanson Meister on Horacio Coppola‘s Buenos Aires
Thyago Nogueira on Brazilian artist RosГўngela RennГі

What Matters Now?
Contributions by artists James Bridle and Karen O’Rourke, writer Susie Linfield, and architect Ricardo Scofidio

Vince Aletti on Imamu Amiri Baraka and Billy Abernathy‘s In Our TerriblenessВ 

Gabriela Jauregui
on Mexico City

Collectors: The Chefs
Contributions by Albert AdriГ , April Bloomfield, David Chang, Peter Gordon, Gabrielle Hamilton, and Yotam OttolenghiВ 

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