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Fondazione di Venezia
Marco Zavagno
Dorsoduro 3488/U
30123 Venezia
t. + 39 041 2201253 / 235
f. + 39 041 2201239

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Fondazione di Venezia

Art Enclosures: Call for Applications

Residencies for visiting international artists in Venice


Application deadline: 30 March 2011

Fondazione di Venezia is pleased to announce the new upcoming residency of the project Art Enclosures - Residencies for visiting international artists in Venice and would like to bring to your attention the general terms and deadlines of the residency programme, which will take place in Venice from June, July and September 2011 (with a break in August)

The application deadline is 30 March 2011.

The project consists in a three-month residency period offering a series of activities and an opportunity for visibility to two emerging artists up to the age of 40 from the African continent.

The programme makes available to the artists spaces to work and part of the materials necessary to create a works of art to be completed by the end of the 3-month period. The materials will be made available according to the artist's requests.

The visiting artists will also have the opportunity to be involved in the studio activities organized for them and thus come into contact with other local and international artists and the cultural activities run by Fondazione di Venezia and its institutional partners.

During the residency period, a number of meetings will be organized locally to introduce and showcase the figure of the artist and his/her work in the most appropriates places, in particular university centers, art institutions and galleries.

Finally, the artists will be offered the possibility to visit on a complimentary basis some of the main exhibitions and museums in the area. At the end of the three months' residency, a small exhibition of the works produced will be held with the specific support of the artists themselves. A catalogue about the project will be published at the end of all residencies project.

For each artist the project will cover:
- travelling expenses from the artist's country to Venice and back;
- accommodation in apartments provided by Fondazione di Venezia;
- a monthly grant of 700 euro before taxes for living and travelling expenses while in Venice;

In order to participate, artists must send via e-mail the following materials at
- a general portfolio with minimum of 10 art works (including captions);
- a curriculum vitae (indicate the most used e-mail address and a cell number to be able to contact the candidate);
- a short artistic statement (max. 600 characters) in English (or French);
- a proposal (max. 600 characters) of the project/artwork that might be implemented/created during the residency period (English or French).

Notice: the portfolio must be sent in a PDF format or/and as a sequence of images in a JPG format; all the texts must be send in a PDF or RTF extension.

Besides, the participants must guarantee their permanent presence in Venice, must be free from any previous engagement for the indicated period, and must hold a valid passport.

The selected artists will be notified within the end of April 2011.

For more information please contact:

Fondazione di Venezia
Marco Zavagno
Dorsoduro 3488/U
30123 Venezia
t. + 39 041 2201253 / 235
f. + 39 041 2201239

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