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ArtRio 2013
Photo courtesy of Claudio Rebello.

ArtRio 2013

Participating galleries for 2013 edition

September 5–8, 2013

Preview:В September 4, 2013

Av. Rodrigues Alves, 10, Praça Mauá 
Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 20081-250

T 55 21 3114 0171

ArtRio – International Art fair of Rio de Janeiro is pleased to present the list of galleries that have been selected for the 2013 edition. The fair will be held between September 4th and 8th featuring 100 galleries and the presence of 14 countries occupying five warehouses facing the sea at Pier Mauá. Major sponsorship is presented by the bank Bradesco.

“In 2013, our focus is on the quality of the galleries, the excellence of the services rendered to the gallerists and visitors, and a concise curatorial proposal, according to the possibilities of the Brazilian market. Leading international galleries will be present at the event, as well as important collectors and curators, who have already confirmed their presence. The same effort made by us to attract the main galleries of Brazil and the world is being made to bring important collectors, from abroad and other locations outside Rio and São Paulo. The Brazilian art market is maturing rapidly and we understand that it is important, at this time, to encourage the establishment of new art enthusiasts and collectors,” notes Brenda Valansi, partner of ArtRio.

Gladstone Gallery, Marian Goodman, Massimo de Carlo, Pace and Victoria Miro will debut in the PANORAMA section. VISTA section, destined to young galleries, will have Curro & Poncho, La Central, Emannuel HervГ©, SociГ©tГ© and Thomas Brambilla coming for the first time.

Special projects:

Curated by Abaseh Mirvali, LUPA will assemble up to 20 monumental or large-scale works, unseen or site-specific.

Curators Julieta Gonzalez and Pablo Leon de La Barra will invite around ten artists to participate according a concept specially designed for the fair.

A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro / Almeida & Dale Galeria de Arte, São Paulo / AM Galeria Horizonte, Belo Horizonte / Amparo 60, Recife / Anita Schwartz, Rio de Janeiro / Arte 57, São Paulo / Artur Fidalgo, Rio de Janeiro / Athena Galeria de Arte, Rio de Janeiro / Aut Aut, Rio de Janeiro / Baginski, Lisbon / Baró, São Paulo /Bergamin, São Paulo – Rio de Janeiro / Blain Southern, London / Bolsa de Arte de Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre / Carbono, São Paulo / Galleria Cardi, Milan / Casa Triângulo, São Paulo / Celma Albuquerque, Belo Horizonte / Choque Cultural, São Paulo / Dan Galeria, São Paulo / David Zwirner, New York / Eduardo Fernandes, São Paulo / Elba Benitez, Madrid / Eliana Benchimol, Rio de Janeiro / Enrique Guerrero, Mexico City / Filomena Soares, Lisbon / Folio, São Paulo / Fortes Vilaça, São Paulo /Gabinete de Arte Raquel Arnaud, São Paulo / Gagosian, New York / Gávea, Rio de Janeiro / Gisele Linder, Basel / Gladstone Gallery, New York / Gustavo Rebello, Rio de Janeiro / Ingleby, Edinburgh / Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro / Inox, Rio de Janeiro /Jorge Mara de la Ruche, Buenos Aires / Laura Marsiaj, Rio de Janeiro / Leme, São Paulo / Lemos de Sá, Belo Horizonte / Leon Tovar, New York / Logo, São Paulo /Luciana Caravello, Rio de Janeiro / Luisa Strina, São Paulo / Lurixs, Rio de Janeiro /Marcia Barrozo do Amaral, Rio de Janeiro / Marian Goodman, New York / Marilia Razuk, São Paulo / Mario Sequeira, Braga / Mark Muller, Zurich / Massimo de Carlo, Milan / Maurício Pontual, Rio de Janeiro / Mayoral Galeria D´Art, Barcelona / Mendes Wood, São Paulo / Mercedes Viegas, Rio de Janeiro / Mike Karstens, Muenster /Millan, São Paulo / Monica de Cardenas, Milan / Mul.ti.plo, Rio de Janeiro / Murilo Castro, Belo Horizonte / Nara Roesler, São Paulo / Oscar Cruz, São Paulo / Pace, New York / Parra & Romero, Madrid / Paulo Darzé, Salvador / Paulo Kuczynski, São Paulo / Pequena Galeria 18, Rio de Janeiro / Pinakotheke, Rio de Janeiro / Polígrafa Obra Gráfica, Barcelona / Progetti, Rio de Janeiro / Rolf Art, Buenos Aires / Ronie Mesquita, Rio de Janeiro / Silvia Cintra + Box 4, Rio de Janeiro / SIM Galeria, Curitiba / Simões de Assis Galeria, Curitiba / Steiner, São Paulo / SUR, Montevideo / Tempo, Rio de Janeiro / Vermelho, São Paulo / Victoria Miro, London / White Cube, London /Zipper, São Paulo

80m2, Lima / Amarelo Negro, Rio de Janeiro / Athena Contemporânea, Rio de Janeiro / Christian Lethert, Köln / Christinger de Mayo, Zurich / Curro & Poncho, Guadalajara / Emmanuel Hervé, Paris / Galleria Gentilli, Milan / Emma Thomas, São Paulo / Koal, Berlin / La Central, Bogotá / Lume, São Paulo / Societé, Berlin / Thomas Brambilla, Milan / Johannes Vogt Gallery, New York / PSM, Berlin / Nosco, London

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