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Border Crossings

VOL 30 NO 2 ISSUE 118

New Border Crossings Issue

Issue 118 Features:


"I like the transitions that happen when people experience my work," reflects celebrated Canadian artist Brian Jungen in a candid interview for the new issue of BORDER CROSSINGS. Jungen maps the various transitions in his work—a shoe becomes a mask, a cultural tradition becomes an artist's tool, something discarded becomes something valuable—and where these shifts take place for himself and in the mind of the viewer.

Also in this issue, two delightfully unique and perhaps eccentric filmmakers, Winnipeg-based Guy Maddin and Baltimore's John Waters, meet at the centre, in Winnipeg, to exchange stories. Sometimes the stories are bawdy, sometimes poignant, and they riff on censorship, shock-value, lost films, schemed projects, their heroes, their hometowns, and on testing the limits of good taste.


Daniel Baird contemplates the "quietly ecstatic" work of Blinky Palermo and considers the German painter's influences and impact on his contemporaries and on subsequent art makers.

Malcolm Sutton contextualizes the conceptual in his article spurred by the recently published Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing. He examines the conceptual writing movement—its timeline, its goals and its process in relation to the tradition of conceptual art.

And Adam Lauder explores the "Information Landscape," and the statistical figures that people it, pairing the careers of two exceptional Canadians: multi-talented artist and ad man, Bertram Brooker (1888–1955) and innovative conceptual artist and entrepreneur, IAIN BAXTER&, who began working in 1956 and is still working today.


ART PAGES, featuring the powerful collaboration of Shary Boyle's drawings with Emily Duke's text works.

Engaging new FICTION about life and livestock by Canadian writer Lee Henderson

BORDERVIEWS on Joanne Tod's portraits of fallen Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan, Brian Howell's anomalously attractive photographs of binners' shopping carts, Canada's official entry at the 2012 Venice Biennale in Architecture—the Winnipeg architectural group, 5468796 Architecture Inc.—and on the darkly fanciful collaboration between Shary Boyle and Emily Duke

And our extensive CROSSOVERS section, with reviews of recent exhibitions of Bruce Nauman, Man Ray, Jack Chambers, Sobey Award winner Daniel Barrow, and many, many more

Border Crossings is a quarterly cultural magazine published in Winnipeg. It's subject is contemporary Canadian and international art and culture, which the magazine investigates through articles, columns, reviews, profiles, interviews and portfolios.

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500-70 Arthur Street
Winnipeg, MB R3B 1G7
T 204.942.5778

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