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Bulgarian Pavilion
Palazzo Carminati
Santa Croce 1882, Venezia
4 June – 27 November 2011

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Bulgarian Pavilion

La Biennale di Venezia
54th international Art Exhibition

Republic of Bulgaria
Houben Tcherkelov, Greddy Assa, Pavel Koychev


Palazzo Carminati, Santa Croce 1882, Venezia
4 June – 27 November 2011

Commissioner/Curator: Georges Luks Partner: Gershon Bulgaria, Foundation America for Bulgaria
Co-Organizer: Studio “Antonio dal Ponte”, Venezia

The participation of the Republic of Bulgaria in this edition of La Biennale di Venezia is entitled BOUND OF GENERATION. The aim at is to present at this international forum an overview of over 70 years of creativity in contemporary art in Bulgaria. The chosen artists – Houben Tcherkelov, Greddy Assa and Pavel Koychev - on the one hand are representatives of different generations, on the other have a unique approach of expression and not least have won the attention and respect, both on the Bulgarian and the international audience.
The artists have a specific approach in their respective generation, an experience and visual power of persuasion which is an exciting contribution on this important international platform in Venice.

Houben Tcherkelov (Houben R.T.) born in 1970 is a Bulgarian painter and experimental artist who lives and works in New York. In his recent work, Tcherkelov paints images from American and other national currencies to suggest the way in which symbolic images legitimize national power.

Pavel Koychev (*1939) is particularly drawn to experimentation in all directions and uses unusual and diverse materials for the realization of his innovative ideas. The three-dimensional works take over designs of natural shapes.

Greddy Assa's (*1954) paintings leave the impression of a spontaneous transmission of emotion on the canvas. He avoids a subject as a refusal of easiness. Assa incorporates encoded symbols of the figurative and the allegorical, with some of his work alluding to zodiac and cosmic principles.

The commissioner/curator Georges Luks (*1952), Swiss Citizen, lives and works actually in Bulgaria and Switzerland. He has an international career as curator, publicist and media producer in the field of visual art.

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria, Gershon Bulgaria and the American Foundation for Bulgaria are proud to bring to your attention an exciting focus on Bulgarian art.

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