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CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo
Av. Constitución 23
28931 Móstoles, Madrid, Spain
+34 91 2760213
+34 91 6180469

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Joachim Koester, "Tarantism," 2007 (film still).

CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

Symposium: A Bewitched system. The exorcising role of images

Open call for research projects on artistic theory and practice

Application deadline: 16 May 2012
Symposium: 18–20 June 2012
Agency, Aurora Fernández Polanco, Dora García, Fernando García-Dory, Avery Gordon, Joachim Koester, Maurizio Lazzarato, Marie-José Mondzain, Jalal Toufic, Eulalia Valldosera
Workshops 21 and 22 June
Directed by Vincent Meessen and Pablo Martínez

CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo
Av. Constitución 23
28931 Móstoles, Madrid, Spain

"A Bewitched system. The exorcising role of images"
We could easily imagine the system that governs us as a bewitched system, i.e., a system of reciprocal possession between beings and things in which images act as producers of desires. In the so called traditional societies, the healer had no other option to heal the possessed person than to negotiate the invisible world of the "masters," the spirits inhabiting the sick body. Let's dare to set a parallelism and wonder: can the images still be considered as one of the active and underlying healing remedies for the disturbances created by the capitalist sorcery?
These lectures are addressed precisely to the users of images. Resisting apparatus captures, naming the images that possess us, discussing the enigmas opened by some demanding images…
CA2M presents the XIX Image Symposium. This edition will include: an international seminar for artists and theorists open to the general public; a forum for art theory and practice researchers who will present their work at the Symposium's critical sessions and two artist workshops.

Researchers' projects in the fields of theory and artistic practice on the following topics are welcome:
1- Sharing: alternative economies
Projects and art practices related to copyrights and the right of minority users, the manufacturing, reuse and diffusion of images as well as the innovative share of critical contents.
2- Caring for: tactics of de-possessing
Projects and practices concerning the image's invisible dimensions, the image's mental or physical surveillance, collective works that take into account the individual's physical and psychical aspects.

The following documents are required to participate in the critical sessions:
–Registration form fully completed.
–Theoretical or artistic practice project.

Essays are to be presented in Din A4 format and artistic practices as a report, dossier, or portfolio.
Essays must not exceed 10 pages and should be written in Spanish or English.
This year, the call also includes audiovisual works. Applicants should send the registration form duly completed, the report and their work stored on CD.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Successful applicants who wish to attend the symposium and live outside Madrid may receive a travel and accommodation grant over the course of the symposium.
Supporting documents of non-successful applications may be retrieved during the Symposium.

Applicants are requested to submit their documentation as follows by 16 May 2012:
- By e-mail: download the Registration form at, fill in and send it with your project (.pdf) to
- By post: enclose the completed registration form and the printed project (applications received after 16 May will not be considered).

The projects will be selected by the symposium directors.
The list of participants will be posted on the CA2M website on 25 May. Successful applicants will be notified officially of the day and time of their presentation.
More information: and 91 276 02 27.

CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo
+34 91 2760213
+34 91 6180469

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