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Geke Lensink en Jesse Visser

reported by Geke Lensink en Jesse Visser

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newsletter Geke Lensink en Jesse Visser

Unique agreement
Finally, at the end of May, the manufacturing licenses for 14 products were transferred to eQ+.
The whole TM collection and the PEPPER designed by Geke Lensink and Jesse Visser are being introduced under the label eQ+. We have also designed the Giraffe [high conference table] and the Monkey [stool] for this label.
The 50K table and the Kitchen stool by Geke and the Tube collection by Jesse are included in the eQ+ collection.
eQ+ is a brand new trademark with ancient values, comfort, atmosphere and responsibility.
The goal is to develop a collection for offices where emotional values and functionality in combination with honest and durable materials are the +.
eQ+ is a brand name that will focus on the project market and has made a fantastic start on 100% design
We are unbelievably proud of our team work that is unique to say the least.

Reflection and Allogamy
Team work by Geke Lensink and Jesse Visser
Both of us are independent and individual designers, but we regularly look each other up to accomplish work on products and projects together. By working together a large collection of furniture has been realised and divers interior projects completed. A new interior for Kunstwerk Stichting Loods 6 in Amsterdam, three restaurant/café squares and a stand concept for the Trade Mart in Utrecht and a stand for Verosol are the most recent examples of our work.
And there is more to come, products and projects.

Forward to Basic
Geke Lensink
After Blickfang Stuttgart, Blickfang Basel, TKA (outlet for designers) in Amsterdam and the presentation of eQ+ on 100% design, I have continued designing for my own collection of Forward to Basic. New, are the series of archetypical chairs where my research of construction and comfort become visible.
Besides this I have teamed up with Ron Blaauw to develop tableware for the kitchen where the quality and design of the course is supported and strengthened by the tableware. Besides the translation of the courses to the china plate, the challenge is mainly in production and price.

Jesse Visser
2011 had a promising start with a third prize for Auroralia 2010, an international light award for the light design Cercle which I designed together with Dirk Rutten for the municipality of Tilburg. In February, another light design, the Light Clamp was exhibited in London during the exhibition, "Lights On". Besides teaching at the master's for interior architecture 'Towards Spatial Identity' at HKU, I have intensified the interinstitutional cooperation programme at my studio with JONGENSVANHETDOK. We have designed and realised a website for the fashion label Avelon.
At the moment I am working on some new furniture and lighting designs for eQ+ and other companies, but more about that later.

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