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Flash Art International no. 294
Covers: Kaari Upson / Amy Yao.

Flash Art International no. 294

January–February 2014

The January–February issue of Flash Art International celebrates the art scene in Los Angeles.

In concomitance with Singapore Biennale 2013 and Art Stage Singapore, this issue includes the SINGAPORE Flash Art Survey, a 24-page insert dedicated to the city and its quick rising as a pivotal contemporary art center in Southeast Asia.

Douglas Fogle interviews Kaari UpsonВ 
“There is always a system in place,В as chaotic as it is. It’s true that I’m really keen on notВ knowing what’s going toВ happen. I am always interestedВ in preserving the unknown in both content and form.В I leave at the point whenВ something starts to becomeВ mastered.” В 
–Kaari Upson

Laura Owens in conversation with Joel Kyack

Special project by Sam Falls

Three insights on Sterling Ruby, by Gea Politi, Emi Fontana and Sam Falls
“Ruby’s workВ suits LA, it’s comfortable in its skin, because its guts areВ all the shit that make up this city.”В 
–Sam Falls

Five questions about Los Angeles. Answers by John Baldessari, Andrew Berardini, Haley Rose Cohen, Veronica Fernandez, Alex Freedman, Cesar Garcia, Justin Gilanyi and Heather Harmon, Piero Golia, Alex Israel, Maggie Kayne, Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, Julie Miyoshi, Pentti Monkkonen, Erica Redling, Adrian Rosenfeld, Analia Saban, James Salzmann, Ed Schad, Benjamin Trigano, and Oscar Tuazon

Noura Wedell on Amy Yao
“Amy Yao’s little beauties, shiny, glassy, delicate life-В size fetishes, seem to play on our lost innocence. TheyВ areВ remnants of a hazy American dream of immigrantВ success, the timeless escape of California surfing, andВ adolescent punk shows, those primal scenes where nascent consumerism met innocent production.”
–Noura Wedell

Rita Gonzalez and Patrick Steffen in conversation with AgnГЁs Varda

Robert Heinecken: Sensing the Technologic Banzai at Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles, and Robert Heinecken: Newswomen Corresponding at Marc Selwyn Fine Arts, Los Angeles

Shaun Caley Regen

Matt Paweski

Martin Creed at Gavin Brown and Hauser & Wirth, New York; Absolut at White Flag Projects,В St. Louis; Lesley Vance at David Kordansky, Los Angeles; Interiors at Lulu, Mexico City; Mingei: Are You Here? at Pace, London;В  Allison Katz at Laura Bartlett, London; Philippe Parreno at Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Jim Shaw at Chalet Society, Paris; Than Hussein Clark at Mathew, Berlin; B.Wurtz at Gregor Podnar, Berlin; Kaspar Muller at Kunsthalle Bern; Yuki Kimura at Gluck 50, Milan; Luigi Ontani at Mazzoli, Modena; Francesco Vezzoli at QMA, Doha; Great Crescent at Para Site, Hong Kong; Erika Verzutti at Misako & Rosen, Tokyo

SINGAPORE Flash Art Survey
“One Island, many parallel paths,” by Singapore Art Museum Director Susie Lingham;В Six questions about Singapore. Answers by Ute Meta Bauer, Lorenza Castelli and Gwen Lee, Susie Lingham, Farouk Khan, Lim Kok Boon, Lorenzo Rudolf, Ikkan Sanada, Jackson Tan, David The, Marc Wong, Pearl Lam;В The Singapore Directory: where to go, dine, shop and sleep.

The SINGAPORE Flash Art Survey is distributed at Art Stage Singapore, and around galleries and museums in town.

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