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Frieze magazine

Issue 124: Secrets and Codes

In the summer issue of frieze

Jan Verwoert cracks the codes of Conceptual art.

Dominic Eichler examines the humour, absurdity and social criticism that have shaped the career of artist Thomas Bayrle.

Jennifer Higgie discusses the persistent and enigmatic subject throughout art history of women turning away.

Musician David Grubbs in conversation with experimental artist, filmmaker and composer Tony Conrad.

In Lindsay Seers' films and installations, Tom Morton suggests that the truth is not what it seems.

Joan Jonas talks to artist and composer Alan Curran about myth, music and history in her video and performance art.

Also featuring two special artist projects by Enrico David and Jeffrey Vallance.

In 'City Report: Dublin' Brian Dillon and Maeve Connolly find that despite the decline of Ireland's economy, Dublin's artist-run and institutional spaces are thriving.

In our regular columns, Robert Storr identifies a rise in historical comics; George Pendle traces the connection between finance, art and numerology, whilst Jennifer Allen Googles herself and reflects on what it means to have countless namesakes.

Sophie Calle responds to the frieze 'Questionnaire'.

Plus, 25 exhibition reviews from around the world including the UK, the USA, Germany, New Zealand, Austria, China, Sweden and Luxembourg.

Exclusively online at
Videos and music from the current issue, including contributions from Lindsay Seers, Olivia Plender's short film Monitor (2006) and five films by Thomas Bayrle.

More exhibition reviews from around the world, regularly updated opinion and debate on the Editors' Blog, and columns from frieze writers on contemporary art and culture in the Comment section.

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