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Kressling Gallery
Ventúrska 18

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Kressling Gallery


Kressling Gallery
Ventúrska 18

23.06. - 28.08.2011
Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 13.00 - 18.00

Kressling Gallery presents OBJECTS.
OBJECTS is realized within the frame of the exhibition Sculpture and Object XVI.

Exhibiting artists:
Krištof Kintera (CZ), Victor Vasarely (HU), Viktor Hulík (SK), Viktor Frešo (SK), Getulio Alviani (IT) , Jozef Jankovi? (SK), Milan Dobeš (SK), Milan Houser (CZ), Martin Derner (SK), Ašot Haas (SK), Francois Morellet (FR), Hugo Demartini(CZ)

23.06., 24.06. - 28.08.2011

During its fifteen-year existence, the international exhibition Sculpture and Object has raised public awareness of this annual event, giving the viewers an opportunity to view the sculptures created by artists from different countries. The works are exhibited at several galleries and public spaces in Bratislava, and since last year they have also been shown in Pieš?any.

Barrier-free encounters with artworks sited outdoors add variety to the cultural events in these cities, enhancing relations between art and viewers and refining their aesthetic perception.

For many people a close contact with the artworks displayed in the streets and parks is a source of new experience that arouses strong feelings and emotions. Sculptures communicating with the urban environment and architecture create superb compositions and a unique atmosphere. During the summer months the works of many domestic and foreign artists become an important urban element, offering greater choice of cultural events for the wide public.

Every year Bratislava and Pieš?any are the meeting places for high quality art and for important artists from many countries. The viewers have a unique opportunity to appreciate other cultures through the universal medium of visual art.

This year the exhibition Sculpture and Object XVI has broken a new record: 162 exhibiting artists from 13 countries.

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