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NERO No. 33

NERO No. 33 out now

Conceived as a compendium of autonomous sections, NERO is a publication that collects other serial publications within it; a story composed of various chapters that share no narrative links, but that do belong to the same imaginary. This is an editorial model in which each section corresponds to a project intended to activate interpretive processes or to rethink the modalities of presentation and fruition of the contents. New sections will be added and others will disappear: commissioned projects, authorial journeys and personal experiments. A way of thinking the magazine not as medium but as object.

Section 1—Room Available
Supertramp, a story of a vase by Virginija JanuЕЎkeviДЌiЕ«tД— and Elena NarbutaitД—

Section 2—Adaptation
An Online Exhibition Of Recent Online Exhibitions by Hanne Mugaas

Section 3—Ruins Of Exhibitions
Retrace your steps: Remember Tomorrow curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist

Section 4—Feldmann Pictures
Images by Alejandro Cesarco

Section 5—Exercises in Coherence
Words By Amelia Rosselli — Photos by Peter Hujar

Section 6—Artist Project
A project conceived by Antoine Catala

Section 7—Words for Images
Dialodramas by Giordano Tedoldi and Enrico Natali

Section 8—Offlines
Words by Jasper Spicero

Section 9—A New Reportage
A new story by Lorenzo Castore

Section 10—Here Before
Calcificazione Elastica by Nicola Martini

Section 11—Muster
Images by Julia Frommel

Section 12—The Extra Scene
Annie Hall by Rä di Martino

NERO is a quarterly contemporary culture magazine—distributed in Europe and in the US—as well as a publishing house specialized in the production of artist’s books, editions, and catalogues commissioned by museums, foundations and private collections.В NERO also works in curating, art direction and consulting for cultural projects and contemporary art.

For further information please contact:
Lungotevere degli Artigiani 8 b
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T +39 06 97271252
F +39 06 97271252

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