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temporary stedelijk 3
Wibautstraat 127

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Stedelijk Museum
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The Netherlands

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Temporary Stedelijk 3

Hear It! (Part 2) – Playing the Building

Stedelijk @ Trouw / De Verdieping Thursday April 19, 8 pm-1 am
Location: TrouwAmsterdam, Wibautstraat 127, Amsterdam
Entrance price: € 15
Ticket sales:

On April 19, the Stedelijk Museum and Non-fiction are organizing an evening at TrouwAmsterdam both about and with sound art, as part of the series Temporary Stedelijk 3 – Stedelijk @ Trouw/De Verdieping. Leading artists and musicians will respond to the question: What does a building sound like? With live performances and installations by artists and musicians including Alva Noto, Machinefabriek, Jacob Kirkegaard, Sarah van Sonsbeeck, Mark Bain, Alexandra Duvekot, Peter C. Simon, and special presentations of the Stedelijk collection at De Verdieping.

Because of the printing presses once housed in the TrouwAmsterdam, the building is so well insulated that it has acquired a special acoustic character. During Hear It! (Part 2) – Playing the Building, artists play in various parts of the angular 1960s building in order to show the spatial and acoustic qualities of the impressive architecture originally designed for machinery.

The clubroom of TrouwAmsterdam, the restaurant, De Verdieping, the Hall, and the machine room will fill with sounds and installations that turn the architecture into sounds and images itself. In addition, video and acoustic works from the Stedelijk Museum collection make appearances in different places in the building. These include works by Bruce Nauman, Gary Hill, and Marina Abramovic. The Nederlands Institute for Media Arts contributes to the evening with a selection of video works that will stretch the boundaries of the building.

Hear It! (Part 2) – Playing the Building is the follow-up to the successful Hear It! Performance, an evening which was organized by the Stedelijk and Non-fiction as part of Temporary Stedelijk 2 in April 2011. That sold-out evening about sound in the visual arts presented a “playlist for the Stedelijk,” including performances by Paul Panhuysen, Claron McFadden, and Carl Michael von Hausswolff, and works by Dick Raaymakers, Pierre Bastien, and La Monte Young.

Playing the Building is the much talked-about experiment in which sound, art, and architecture come together in a playful way!

Participating artists: Marina Abramovic (RS), Alva Noto (DE), Mark Bain (USA), BMB con (NL), François Dey (CH) & Alexandros Papamarkou (NL), Valie Export (AUS), Iain Forsyth (UK) & Jane Pollard (UK), Gary Hill (USA), Jacob Kirkegaard (DK), Machinefabriek (NL), Bruce Nauman (USA), Charlemagne Palestine (USA), Peter C. Simon (PL), Sarah van Sonsbeeck (NL) en Zeno van den Broek (NL) et al.

Upcoming events:

Augment It! – May 17, 2012

Continuing the Stedelijk’s ongoing exploration of augmented reality, Augment It! will present a first-hand virtual experience, with a completely augmented exhibition, informative workshops and seminars, performances, and many more happenings.

Duplicate It! – June 14, 2012

The Stedelijk Blikopeners (a group of young people employed by the museum as peer educators) and the Editors (a network of young creatives working at De Verdieping) unite for a unique collaboration. More information will follow soon.


Stedelijk @ de Appel Arts Center - Reading group
Stedelijk @ Oude Lutherse Kerk - Livestream
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Stedelijk @ de Appel arts center Tuesday, April 24, 8-10 pm
Reading group - Why stay if you can go

De Appel arts centre and the Stedelijk Museum present the third session of the reading group series Why stay if you can go, organized by the curatorial collective The Black Swan. Featuring open dialogue, translation, and exchange, the content of this session has been shaped in collaboration with the Townhouse Gallery (Cairo, Egypt).

Stedelijk @ Oude Lutherse Kerk Wednesday April 25, 8-10 pm
Facing Forward - Future City with Rem Koolhaas and China Miéville

Unfortunately this event is SOLD OUT!
To meet the great interest the lectures will be streamed in Oudemanhuispoort 4-6, Room D0.08, 1012 CN Amsterdam.
Admission to the live stream is free and reservations are not accepted. Seating is limited.

Stedelijk @ De Ateliers Thursday April 26, 8-9.30 pm
Talking Film with Pierre Bismuth and Raymundas Malasauskas

De Ateliers and the Stedelijk Museum present Stedelijk @ De Ateliers Talking Film with filmmaker and artist Pierre Bismuth and curator Raimundas Malasauskas.
Bismuth and Malasauskas will talk about Bismuth's current activities and his future plans. Several of the artist's latest films will be examined and discussed.

Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam
Quinsy Gario, Bart Groenendaal and Stefan Ruitenbeek

SMBA, the projectspace of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in the Rozenstraat 59, presents two new exhibitions and an essay.
Independently of each other they scrutinize aspects of Dutch culture and confront cultural classifications and their seeming certainties.

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