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The Museum of Everything
Serra dei Giardini (The Greenhouse)
Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1254
Castello 30122, Venice

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The Museum of Everything
The Museum of Everything is the world’s first wandering museum for the untrained, unintentional, and undiscovered artists of our times. Since 2009, it has welcomed over 500,000 visitors to its acclaimed installations in Britain, France, Italy, Turkey and Russia. The Museum of Everything works with leading writers, thinkers, curators and artists and is the world’s leading advocate for the alternative history of 19th, 20th and 21st century art.

Serra dei Giardini Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi, Castello 1254
May 29th– July 28th
10 am – 8 pm, closed on Mondays
Organization: The Museum of Everything

This year the 55th Venice Biennale features over a dozen of the self-taught artists historically championed by The Museum of Everything.

In celebration, Il Palazzo di Everything presents The Salon of Everything: a free-form philosophical forum on the forgotten role of private art-making practices in modern and contemporary art. Conversations at The Salon of Everything feature leading artists, curators, writers and thinkers, assembled and recorded to form an important historical archive of this missing link in 21st century visual culture.

Topics range from alternate languages and secret belief-systems, to notions of otherness, difference and the art/non-art divide. Together they sow the seeds for a self-taught revolution, taking place daily in the cosy caravan outside the Serra dei Giardini.

Participants so far have included gallerists Adam Lindemann, Andrew Edlin and Jose Kuri, museum directors Ginevra Elkann, Jonathan Watkins, Sarah Lombardi, Andrea Bellini, Beatrix Ruf and Joelle Pijaudier Cabot, and curators Donna De Salvo, Francesco Stocchi, Brett Littman, Daniel Baumann, Peter Miller, Ralph Rugoff, Marc Olivier Wahler, Bianca Tosatti, Valerie Rousseau, Natalie Kovacs, Paolo Colombo, Jean Hubert Martin and Iris Muller-Westermann.

We also welcomed collector Jean Pigozzi, art brut member Professor Vittorino Andreoli, artists Akram Zaatari, Thomas Houseago, Ron Arad, Enrico David, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Terry Smith, Alice Anderson, Vito Acconci, Luigi Ontani and Peter Fischli, Biennale directors Fulya Erdemci, Shwetal Patel and Bose Krishnamachari, educators Kathy Battista and Professor Andrew Renton, filmmaker Lola Montes Schnabel, art historian Jean Wainwright and designer Angela Missoni.

The Salon of Everything is open during the first few weeks of the Venice Biennale only. All conversations are filmed in conjunction with the BBC and visitors are welcome to listen in. They will eventually be edited and posted on this page for universal access and use.

If you would like to add your voice to this modest moment of radical debate, please send an email to explaining who you are, what you do and why you have an opinion on the matter.

The Salon of Everything has been sponsored by The Maldives Exodus Caravan Show, together with Masha B, Groupe Emerige and Microclima.

The Museum of Everything is an Official Collateral Event at the 55th Venice Biennale with Il Palazzo di Everything – a towering installation in the historic Serra dei Giardini, right next to the main Giardini.

Il Palazzo di Everything features the mythic paintings of Italian self-taught artist, Carlo Zinelli, plus The Salon of Everything, an informal philosophical forum for artists, curators, writers and thinkers.

We cordially invite you to attend, no matter who you are, where you come from, what you do, or who you do it with. Here's what you need:

Official Collateral Event - 55th International Arty Exhibition La Venice Biennale 2013
WHAT Il Palazzo di Everything
Carlo Zinelli and The Salon of Everything

WHEN from 29th May to 28th July 2013
Tuesday to Sunday // 10am to 8pm

WHERE Serra dei Giardini (The Greenhouse)
Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1254
Castello 30122, Venice

HOW next to the entrance of the Giardini
vaporetto: Giardini
WHY Official Collateral Event of the 55th Venice Biennale
Il Palazzo di Everything
presenting Carlo Zinelli

Our al-fresco construction at Il Palazzo di Everything celebrates the private world of Carlo Zinelli, that mighty 20th century auto-didact, so admired by the likes of André Breton, Jean Dubuffet and Dino Buzzati.

Born in Verona - just 100km from Venice - Zinelli spent his youth in the Italian countryside. He turned to painting after his experiences in the Spanish Civil War left him shell-shocked and unable to communicate.

Zinelli's rare gouaches spin a fascinating fable, from the traveling circuses of his youth,to the life-changing realities of combat. To discover more, click here or better still, come see this magnificent show assembled in the gardens of the historic Serra dei Giardini.

The Salon of Everything
This year's Venice Biennale is close to our proverbial heart, for it reveals a dozen of the artists championed by The Museum of Everything.

Names include Morton Bartlett, Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, James Castle, Guo Fengyi, Emma Kunz, Achilles Rizzoli, Shinichi Sawada, Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern, Drossos Skyllas, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein and Anna Zemánková, plus legendary Hilma af Klint and Arthur Bispo do Rosário.

In celebration, The Museum of Everything presents The Salon of Everything: a daily rolling round-table on private art-making practices, alternate languages and otherness in contemporary art.

The Salon of Everything is open all day during the first week (or two) of the Venice Biennale. All conversations will be recorded in conjunction with the BBC and edited to form an historic archive.

Click here to find out more or go to And if you wish to take part, drop a line to:

The Café of Everything
At Il Palazzo di Everything, you will also find The Café of Everything: the only fully-functioning bar and eatery near the main pavilions. Let your mouth be overflowing and your belly distended by heading over to:

WHAT The Café of Everything
WHEN from 29th May to 28th July 2013
Tuesday to Sunday // 10am to 8pm

WHERE Serra dei Giardini (The Greenhouse)
Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1254
Castello 30122, Venice
HOW next to the entrance of the Giardini
vaporetto: Giardini
The Museum of Everything is a UK registered charity #1138368.

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