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A plus A
San Marco 3073
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A plus A | The Breakfast Pavilion

A plus A

TheВ BreakfastВ Pavilion

a cura di Marco Campardo & Lorenzo Mason (M–L–XL) e Luca Lo Pinto con la partecipazione di Maria

dal 10 al 12 maggio 2017

The Breakfast Pavilion
A plus A, 9 am — 7 pm,
May 10, 11, 12 2017
San Marco 3073, Venice
The Breakfast Pavilion is a curatorial project thatВ aims to merge the worlds of art and design in a special
happening, overthrowing the usual boundaries ofВ each discipline. For this unique occasion, during
the opening days of the Venice Art Biennale, aВ contemporary art space (A plus A) will be transformed
into a friendly and informal cafГ© which will becomeВ a creative environment where art can be discussed,
produced, performed and most importantly, eaten.В Particularly in Italy, breakfast is one the mostВ important moments of the day. It is a social timeВ when friends, colleagues and families meet toВ prepare themselves for their everyday lives.DuringВ each of these three days, the three invited artists
(Anna Sophie Berger, Olaf Nicolai, Nicole Wermers)В will prepare and perform a unique breakfast for
their hosts, from 9 to 12 am (during which timeВ admission to the gallery will be by invitationВ only). Furthermore the setting of the galleryВ will be transformed into a cafГ© by a selection ofВ international designers with diverse practices.В They will contribute to the event through objectsВ conceived for this occasion that will be used duringВ the performances (and up for sale).
The temporary pavilion is conceived as aВ gathering space to create a community whereВ individuals can share personal, creative andВ intellectual ideas in a socially inclusive atmosphere.В From 12 am to 7 pm the gallery will be open toВ public that will have the opportunity to visitВ the space, drink a coffee or eat a slice of cake orВ have a meeting. As a witness of the happening, aВ publication of the event will also be realized.
The Breakfast Pavilion is a project curated by Marco Campardo, Lorenzo Mason (M–L–XL) and Luca Lo Pinto with the special contribution of Maria Jeglinska. You can contact M–L–XL for further details writing an email to
ContributorsВ (on-going list)
Anna Sophie Berger, Claudia Berger, Valentina Cameranesi, Pierre Charpin, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Daniel Eatock, Max Frommeld, Martino Gamper, Katrin Greiling, Jochen Holz, Loris Jaccard, Maria Jeglinska, Kueng Caputo, Simon Klenell, Livia Lauber, Francesco Librizzi, Michael , arriott, M–L–XL, Olaf Nicolai, Norma, Fredrik Paulsen,  Rio Grande, George Sowden, Silo Studio, Kristoffer Sundin, Harry Thaler, Nicole Wermers, Zaven, Oskar Zieta
Marco Campardo and Lorenzo Mason Based between Venice and London, since 2005 Marco and Lorenzo have been running several practices, from a graphic design and art-direction studio (Tankboys) to a publishing house (Automatic Books), curating exhibitions (such as the Manifesto project), teaching in different universities and holding lectures and workshops. Today they’re currently running M–L–XL, an office for production and research across different disciplines dealing with design, furniture, typography and publishing.
Luca Lo Pinto
Luca Lo Pinto (1981) lives and works between WienВ and Rome. He currently works as curator at the
Kunsthalle Wien. He is co-founder of the magazineВ and publishing house NERO. At Kunsthalle Wien
he organized solo exhibitions of Pierre Bismuth, Charlemagne Palestine, Nathalie du Pasquier, Babette Mangolte, Camille Henrot and the group exhibitions More than just words, Individual Stories e Function Follows Vision, Vision Follows Reality. Among the other projects he curated: XVI Quadriennale d’Arte (Palazzo delle Esposizioni); Le Regole del gioco (Fondazione Achille Castiglioni); Trapped in the Closet (Carnegie Library/FRAC Champagne Ardenne); Antigrazioso (Palais de Toyko); Luigi Ontani-AnderSennoSogno (Museo H.C. Andersen); D’après Giorgio (Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico). He has contributed to many catalogues  and international magazines.
A plus A Gallery
A plus A Gallery has been the official venue for theВ Slovenian pavilion at the Venice Biennale from
1998 till 2014. Since 2015, still under the directionВ of Aurora Fonda and Sandro Pignotti, A plus A
functions as a private enterprise. Among its principalВ activities is the The School for Curatorial Studies
Venice, which has welcomed students in Venice toВ participate in a course in Curatorial Practice and
Contemporary Art since 2004.

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