Border Crossings
Border Crossings
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Border Crossings Vol. 33, No. 1, Issue 129

Border Crossings

Border CrossingsВ Vol. 33, No. 1, Issue 129

In this issue

Influence, its richness and anxieties. Cover designed for Border Crossings by New York-based artist Marcel Dzama.

Bordernotes (Meeka Walsh)
Gertrude Stein’s Dog

Bordercolumn (Robert Enright)
Beyond Redemption
Burroughs: the Movie directed by Howard Brookner

Sherry Walchuk
RAW: Almond
Isiah Medina
Rebecca Belmore

Spirits of Collaboration: An interview with Marcel Dzama

Painting’s Giant Dialogue: An Interview with Kim Dorland

Car Tunes: Shayne Ehman and Seth Scriver and the Song of the Open Road
by Lee Henderson

The Mime of the Ancients: On Geoffrey Farmer‘s “A Light In The Moon”
by Aryen Hoekstra

Vorticulturalism: Canadian Women Vorticists
by Adam Lauder

Against Influence: In which an Artist Makes Sweeping but Occasionally Supportable Statements
by Cliff Eyland

Art PagesВ 
Sherry Walchuk

Also in this issue
Extensive review section featuringВ Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra: New Music Festival 2014, “Looking Up: Contemporary Connections with Inuit Art,”В Ai Weiwei, William Eakin, Micah Lexier, Kimsooja, “Reading Cinema, Finding Words: Art after Marcel Broodthaers,” “Living in a Material World,”В Jack Goldstein, Anthony Caro, Michael Flomen, Jean-Francois Lauda, “The Carnegie International,”В Art Cities of the Future: 21st-Century Avant-Gardes, and Hello, the Roses.В 

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