The opening is an Ouverture, devoted to play design, curated by Stefano Giovannoni, with a powerful figurative component and a pop spirit. Then, the exhibition path, under the Art Direction of Giovannoni, winds through visual, auditory and perceptive suggestions that accompany and guide visitors through various thematic sections: Furniture, curated by Maria Paola Maino; Games, curated by Luca Fois with Renato Ocone; the Architectures, curated by Fulvio Irace; Signs, curated by Pietro Corraini; Animation, curated by Maurizio Nichetti, and Tools, curated by Francesca Balena Arista.

Among these sections there are focus areas devoted to leading figures in the history of design and education. These include Bruno Munari, curated by Alberto Munari, and Riccardo Dalisi, curated by Francesca Picchi in collaboration with Studio Dalisi, and then there is one on the education and Teachers, curated by Monica Guerra and Franca Zuccoli, and one on the imagery of storytelling, in Pinocchio, curated by Enrico Ercole.