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departure studio 2014 : Open Call for Residencies

departure studio 2014

Open Call for Residencies for Iinternational Ccurators and Theorists

at studio das weisse haus
in cooperation with departure

Application Deadline: February 28, 2014 (per e-mail)

studio das weisse haus, a residence and studio program for young international artists, curators and theorists, founded by the art association das weisse haus, and departure, the Creative Agency of the City of Vienna, are offering a residency for young international curators and theorists entitled “departure studio 2014: Interdisciplinary Vienna”. The
residency is going to take place from May 5 until June 30, 2014.

About the Residency
Due to the general interest of both organizations involved in the residency program ofВ departure studio 2014, as well as to the cultural context of the City of Vienna, the residencyВ specification is defined by the notion of interdisciplinarity.
The question of creative openness between different disciplines is as regards the remarkableВ past of Vienna in the field of applied arts more than legitimate. Since the reciprocal influenceВ between fine and applied arts in Vienna was and still is significant and multi-layered, and theВ general range of contemporary art practices that relate to other fields of human activities isВ enormous, the framework of departure studio 2014 is characterized by the seeking of potentialВ cross-disciplinary creative approaches.
On one hand, our interest concerns the interdisciplinary practices linking the fields of fine artsВ with architecture, design, fashion, media and music. On the other hand, we focus on creativeВ practice interconnecting arts, society and science.
We kindly ask the candidates to submit their residency projects reflecting one of theseВ theoretical issues:

1. interdisciplinary creative practice based on the connection of fine arts and architecture,В design, fashion, media or music, or on reflection of the artefacts of pop cultureВ Is there nowadays a potential of a cross-disciplinary creative practice leading from fine artsВ towards architecture, applied arts, music and media in Vienna? In what manner do
contemporary artists use the references to film, music or fashion as being pop-cultural, massВ phenomenons and symptoms of contemporary society? How do the fine arts influenceВ architecture, design and other creative fields and vice versa?

2. interdisciplinary creative practice based on the connection of art and science or social affairs, eventually using science as an initial stage of art production, visualizing science, or taking “artistic research” as one of the possible methodologies
Besides documentary, conceptual and performative approaches, artistic practice is more andВ more entering into relation with scientific methods and collaborative (social) practice. WhatВ influence can science have on fine arts and how can it be used by artists? How can be artisticВ strategies used in order to enrich scientific knowledge and what is the specificity of a researchВ performed by artists? How can art enter into social affairs?

departure studio 2014 is open to aesthetic space and time explorations, as well as to theВ creation of experimental environments for social issues.В The approaches considering the concepts of synthesis of arts and intermediality are more thanВ welcome.В The submitted project should take account of the situation, character, advantages and potentialВ of the City of Vienna in connection to the specified topics.

Outcome of the departure studio 2014
The residency at studio das weisse haus and departure will result in a theoretical paper on oneВ of the specified topics comprising the outcomes of a research realized during the residency stay.
The final outcomes can be eventually extended into a symposium or a different means ofВ presentation.

Accomodation, payments and service
studio das weisse haus and departure provide the residents with following service:
в—Џ a monthly allowance of eur 1000,-
в—Џ a cover of travel expenses: eur 200,- are assigned to residents coming from a countryВ within Europe, eur 400,- to residents coming from a country outside of Europe
в—Џ a private room in a shared apartment
в—Џ a working space
в—Џ a program of events and activities of both institutions linking the resident to the local artВ scene (participation in Open Studio Days, studio visits, admittance to various events,В exhibitions etc.)

Application Process
In case you are interested in applying for a curatorial residency departure studio 2014 offeredВ by studio das weisse haus and departure, the Creative Agency of the City of Vienna, please
include following documents in your application:
в—Џ a document comprising following information: full name, date and place of birth,В citizenship, postal address, phone number and e-mail address
в—Џ a professional CV
в—Џ a short motivation letter (max 1500 characters) describing the reason of your interest inВ the specified topics as well as in a residency stay in Vienna
в—Џ a short abstract (max 1500 characters) informing about your focus and intention asВ regards your activities as a resident of departure studio 2014
в—Џ a detailed project description (max 5000 characters)
в—Џ samples of your work: articles, exhibition catalogues or books (in digital form only),
videos, photos; in case you send catalogues or books additionally per post, please beВ aware that we do not return any of this material.
Your applications will be reviewed by a board of experts. The members of the jury will beВ nominated by the representatives of studio das weisse haus and departure. The results of theВ open call will be announced until the end of March, 2014.

Maximum attachment size: 5 MB
Application Deadline: February 28, 2014
Please send your application per e-mail to:
For general information and questions regarding studio das weisse haus, please contact:
Alexandra Grausam, KlГЎra StolkovГЎ
postal address: Argentinierstrasse 11, 1040 Vienna, Austria

Background of studio das weisse haus
studio das weisse haus is a residence and studio program for young international artists andВ curators started by the art association das weisse haus in 2013. Our focus is to support theВ cross-border exchange of ideas and experiences and a wide range of approaches to the artВ practice. We aim to provide our residents with the possibility of an insight in Viennese art sceneВ and opportunities of cooperation with local cultural institutions: this time in the context of a
curatorial residency offered by studio das weisse haus together with departure, the CreativeВ Agency of the City of Vienna.

More information:
Kind support of studio das weisse haus:

Background of departure
departure, the City of Vienna’s agency for the creative industries, was established in 2003 as Austria’s first independent business promotion agency and service center for companies of the creative industries. departure supports and interconnects Viennese creative industries in the fields of architecture, audio-vision, design, art market, publishing, fashion, multimedia and music.
departure has been since years engaged not only in the coordination and link between economy,В art and culture, but also in diverse alternatives of cross-disciplinary activities.
More information:

Terms of Agreement
● Attestation of the health insurance – valid in Austria (for health and accident): At the latest date, the curator in residence must provide proof of insurance (health/accident) to das weisse haus by the time of arrival. Upon failure to do so, das weisse haus will take out an insurance policy for him or her, but the curator in residence will be responsible for the insurance charges.
в—Џ Participation in the Open Studio Days and other events of the studio das weisse haus program.
в—Џ During the Open Studio Days also former works/publications/projects/etc. may be presented.
в—Џ Participation in the external program, organized for the Curator in Residence (such as daytrips,В guided tours in museums, studio visits, etc.)
в—Џ Furthermore, the resident must comply with the house rules and regulations. Intentional damagesВ to the building or studio space must be paid for by the resident and will be deducted from his orВ her allowance.
в—Џ The resident confirms his/her obligation to provide a report of his/her occupation during his/herВ grant at the end of his residency before leaving studio das weisse haus. This report ought to beВ composed according to the requirements of studio das weisse haus. The resident entitles studioВ das weisse haus to publish all contents of this report.
в—Џ studio das weisse haus requests the courtesy from the resident to mention the studio program inВ his/her works/publications/projects, that emerged during the residency, be it in terms of a credit,В an acknowledgement or a logo placement.
в—Џ The resident is hereby made aware of the fact that he/she is required to declare his/her income inВ Austria. Beyond the monthly grant of studio das weisse haus itself, studio das weisse haus is inВ no case liable for any claims resulting from these payments.
в—Џ In conclusion, studio das weisse haus explicitly declares that no contract is being signed betweenВ the resident and the residence program of das weisse haus and that studio das weisse haus doesВ not acquire any rights to the works by the curator in residence.
в—Џ A bedroom in a shared apartment, a studio space in a shared studio (free of charge for theВ resident), a shared kitchen and shared bathroom facilities are provided by studio das weisse haus.
The resident is responsible for keeping his/her own bedroom clean and tidy. When using sharedВ facilities such as toilet, bathroom and kitchen the resident shall keep in mind, that others useВ these facilities as well and thus try keeping them clean and tidy.
в—Џ Please take into consideration that studio das weisse haus documents (picture and video) theВ studio and residence program and the stay of the residents, artists, curators for social media,В website and press purposes.

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