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documenta 14 | Every Time A Ear di Soun

documenta 14

Every Time A Ear di Soun


a documenta 14 Radio Program starts broadcasting during the night of April 8 at midnight

Every Time A Ear di Soun, a documenta 14 Radio Program, presents radio as both art and as a medium for art. For the duration of documenta 14, nine radio stations in Greece, Cameroon, Colombia, Lebanon, Brazil, Indonesia, the United States, and Germany will mount a worldwide art exhibition on air, and broadcast sonic art pieces for the documenta 14 Radio Program for three weeks each throughout the exhibition.

Every Time A Ear di Soun is on air from April 8, 2017, at midnight until September 17, 2017. The program will begin with two Greek web radio stations: Cannibal Radio from Athens and Paranoise Radio from Thessaloniki will broadcast the first three weeks of the documenta 14 Radio Program, from April 8 to April 27, 2017. The complete radio programs of the documenta 14 radio stations will be transmitted 24 hours daily on documenta 14’s website during their three-week runtime, and locally on FM 90.4 MHz in Kassel. In addition, the four daily hours of specially produced documenta 14 Radio Program can be heard worldwide on shortwave (15560 kHz). In Athens, a listening station will be hosted by Athens School of Fine Arts library.

The documenta 14 Radio Program explores the transition and connection between vocal utterances, different modes of speech, sounds, and music as extending into performative practices, as the embodied experience of such acoustical phenomena is within psychic and physical space. Every Time A Ear di Soun therefore seeks to understand oral traditions and acoustic phenomena as forms of knowledge exchange, while reflecting on how sound can create synchronicity between bodies, places, spaces, and histories.

During the hours dedicated to the documenta 14 Radio Program, the participating radio stations will broadcast new sound works commissioned by documenta 14, as well as recently rediscovered archive materials and selected recordings of the Public Programs of documenta 14. Broadcasting time for the first three weeks will be daily from 1–3 pm and 6–8 pm Eastern European Summer Time (UTC+3).

The following artists present a sound piece within Every Time A Ear di Soun:

Gilles Aubry and Robert Millis
The Gramophone Effect

Serge Baghdassarians and Boris Baltschun
Backing track

Rashad Becker
Based on a True Story, Chapter IX

Caroline Bergvall
OH MY OH MY (Pinktrombone, 21 January 2017)

Ylva Bentancor
World Disorder

Black Spirituals
What Are You Listening For

Halida Boughriet
The Border of the Shadow

AslД± Г‡avuЕџoДџlu
Future Tense

Maria Chavez
Between a Gunshot and a Whisper

Michele Ciacciofera
The Density of the Transparent Wind

Jace Clayton

Alvin Curran
The Irrawaddy Blues

Charles Curtis
Our Musuem

Anshuman Dasgupta and Sanchayan Ghosh
Short Waves’ Transit Tales

Signal Echo: The documenta Files

Theo Eshetu & Keir Fraser
Atlas Radio

Em’kal Eyongakpa
Untitled thirty-four. [series: cross-faith/cross-fade]

Christian Galarreta
Raw Field Recordings II: Electromagnetic Detritus

Mwangi Hutter
What Touches Us Most

Yan Jun
From Audiences

Marco Montiel-Soto
The Origin of Everything: Vom tropischen Tieflande zum ewigen Schnee

Olaf Nicolai
In the Woods There Is A Bird …

The Ears Between Worlds Are Always Speaking

Emeka Ogboh
The Way Earthly Things Are Going

Aki Onda
Nam June’s Spirit Was Speaking to Me

Marina Rosenfeld
Production a + f

Jan-Peter E. R. Sonntag
Rundfunk Aeterna

Soundwalk Collective

Nasan Tur

Hong-Kai Wang
Southern Clairaudience – Some Sound Documents for a Future Act

James Webb
The War of the Worlds

Jan St. Werner
Glottal Wolpertinger

Samson Young
Such Sweet Thunder

Listen to Every Time A Ear di Soun 24 hours a day on and FM 90.4 MHz in Kassel, Germany. The broadcasting schedules for shortwave 15560 kHz will be announced at for every radio station station.

The participating radio stations of Every Time A Ear di Soun are:

April 8–27: Paranoise Radio (, Thessaloniki, and Cannibal Radio (, Athens, Greece
Programmer: Costis Nikiforakis

April 28–May 17: Vokaribe Radio (89.6 FM), Barranquilla, Colombia
Programmers: Belén Pardo Herrero, Ivan “Dubfrik” Mercado, Walter Hernández Romero, and Patricia Rendón Galván

May 18–27: RSI (Radio Sport Info 92.3 FM), Douala, Cameroon
Programmer: Tito Valery

May 28–June 16: RURUradio (, Jakarta, Indonesia
Programmer: Ade Darmawan (Ruangrupa)

June 17–July 8: SAVVY Funk, Berlin, Germany
Programmers: Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Marcus Gammel, and Elena Agudio

July 9–28: Rádio MEC (99,3 FM RJ, 800 AM DF), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Programmers: Janete El Haouli and JosГ© Augusto Mannis

July 29–August 7: RSI (Radio Sport Info 92.3 FM), Douala, Cameroon,
Programmer: Tito Valery

August 8–27: WPFW (89.3 FM), Washington DC, USA
Programmers: Gregory Tate and Katea Stitt

August 28–September 17: Radio Beirut (, Beirut, Lebanon
Programmer: Marwa Arsanios

Every Time A Ear di Soun is a documenta 14 Radio Program, presented in cooperation with Deutschlandradio Kultur, curated by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung and co-curated by Marcus Gammel.

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