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Fotogalleriet Editions : Azar Alsharif, Jason Havneraas, Linn Pedersen, Marie SjГёvold, Susanne M. Winterling And Lutz-Rainer MГјller & Stian Г…dlandsvik


Launch Thursday 12 September, 19.00.

We would like to invite you to the launch of Fotogalleriet Editions that takes place at Fotogalleriet, on Thursday, 12 September at 19.00. Fotogalleriet Editions is a portfolio with six photographs by the artists AZAR ALSHARIF, JASON HAVNERAAS, LINN PEDERSEN, MARIE SJØVOLD, SUSANNE M. WINTERLING and LUTZ-RAINER MÜLLER & STIAN ÅDLANDSVIK.

All artists participating in Fotogalleriet Editions have previously exhibited at Fotogalleriet or been connected to the gallery through other projects. The portfolio thus presents both Norwegian and international, up-and-coming and established artists, reflecting the gallery’s programme in the recent the years.

The main goal of introducing Fotogalleriet Editions is to extend Fotogalleriet’s activity beyond the gallery walls and establish a new platform to bring contemporary camera-based art to a wider audience. Fotogalleriet is also committed to encourage and inform the general public about collecting contemporary art with a focus on photography.

All photographs inВ Fotogalleriet EditionsВ are printed on premium quality archival photo paper, authenticated by the artists and framed with the utmost care to match international museum standards. Each photograph exists in a limited edition of 25 prints and is signed by the artist(s) on the back, framed and covered with glass. In addition, Fotogalleriet provides a certificate of authenticity to each collector. Fotogalleriet works exclusively with Studio Technika and Brodins Rammeverksted to ensure professional handling and appropriate conservation of each print.

Fotogalleriet Editions is curated by Fotogalleriet to ensure high standards and artistic quality. Each photograph in the Fotogalleriet Editions portfolio is individually available for purchase at Fotogalleriet from 12 September onwards, as well as online via Fotogalleriet’s website.
For further information onВ Fotogalleriet Editions, the participating artists and on collecting/handling photographs please visitВ www.fotogalleriet.noВ or take contact viaВ

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