Galerie Imane FarГЁs
Galerie Imane FarГЁs
41 rue Mazarine
Paris 75006
tel: +33 (0) 1 46 33 13 13
Hours: Tuesday–Saturday 11am–7pm

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Galerie Imane FarГЁs: Harraki, Kosuth
Top: Mohssin Harraki, Thrones 0, 2013. Four family trees of Arabic countries Bahrain, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, writing on cloth (unique piece). Courtesy of the artist and Imane FarГЁs. Bottom: Joseph Kosuth, Camus Illuminated #1 (detail), 2013. UV proof glass, neon, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist and Imane FarГЁs.

Galerie Imane FarГЁs

Mohssin Harraki and Joseph Kosuth
absence-presence, twice

October 24–December 21, 2013

Galerie Imane FarГЁs
41 rue Mazarine
75006 ParisВ 
Hours: Tuesday–Saturday 11am–7pm

T +33 (0) 1 46 33 13 13В 

Imane FarГЁs is delighted to present the forthcoming exhibitionВ absence-presence, twiceВ with the artists Mohssin Harraki (b. 1981; Asilah, Morroco) and Joseph Kosuth (b. 1945; Toledo, Ohio, USA). They have known each other for several years. Mohssin Harraki already created a video and interviewed Joseph Kosuth for his showВ Some videodialogues with other artistsВ at the Lavomatic studio Seamus Farrell in Saint-Ouen in 2010. However, it’s the very first time that they will exhibit together. The title of the exhibitionВ absence-presence, twiceВ refers to the relation between physical absence and mental space that both artists explore in a challenging dialogue.

Mohssin Harraki creates drawings, videos, installations, photography and performances in which he addresses cultural, political and historical themes such as the genealogy and the transmission of power, the formation of the collective conscience and memory. The artist proceeds by creating a dialogue with his peers, with artists or with people he meets in the streets.

Joseph KosuthВ is one of the pioneers of conceptual and installation art, initiating language-based works and appropriation strategies in the 1960s.В 

On the occasion of this two-person dialogue with Mohssin Harraki, Joseph Kosuth utilizes the English etymology of the word ‘light’ as a connective structure for a new installation comprised of individual works, putting in play fragments from Albert Camus’ 1942 bookВ L’Г‰trangerВ (variously translatedВ The StrangerВ orВ The OutsiderВ in English) in French, Arabic, and English.

About the gallery
Founded in 2010, Galerie Imane FarГЁs presents an interesting mix of challenging young upcoming and more established contemporary artists from the Middle East and Africa.В 

Continuously evolving the gallery invites regularly new artists and curators, leading to a fresh, daring and dynamic program. Each year five exhibitions take place, interchanging solo and group shows, in which the artists are invited to create a dialogue and to reflect on a common compelling theme. Galerie Imane FarГЁs is engaged in research: essays are commissioned from prominent curators to accompany the exhibitions, edited in a journal. The gallery also supports publications and monographs of the artists.

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