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38068 Rovereto TN Italy
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Eventi condivisi


Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
INSIDE Interior Architecture (MA)
Design for the real world

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Academy of Contemporary Art, University of Troms°, Norway
New Master Programme

Master in Contemporary Art

Application deadline:
15 September 2011

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Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths


The Centre for Research Architecture sets out to question the two separate terms that constitute its title. Specifically it seeks to open up the discipline and praxis of 'architecture'—understood as the production of rarefied buildings and urban structures—into a shifting network of 'spatial practices' that includes many other forms of intervention. Moreover it contests the utilitarian, applied, means-to-ends relation between knowledge and action that is evoked by the term 'research' and the artificial opposition between theory and practice it implies. Drawing on the vocabularies of urbanism, architecture, art, media, politics, and philosophy the centre's mode of operation aims to use spatial practices for an open-ended form of critical inquiry. The centre recruits graduates from a wide range of fields as well as non-academic practitioners of distinction wishing to pursue practice-led research within the context of theoretical work.

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 Altri master
╔ESI European School of Visual Arts | Masters 1 programs

UniversitÓ LUMSA | Master Universitario di II livello 2011-12

School of Art, Design & Printing | Master of Arts programme in Design Practice

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna | Master of Arts' programme in Critical Studies

Sotheby's Institute of Art | Master's Degree

ACMA | Master in Architettura del Paesaggio 2011

Ramdom Association | DEFAULT Masterclass in Residence

Acma | Il punto sul paesaggio

Master Architettura | Storia | Progetto

Acma | Rifare paesaggi

Public Art Studies Program | Art in the Public Sphere

Intrecci contemporanei | META_CUBO 2009