Numero Civico

via Vittorio Veneto, 5
38068 Rovereto TN Italy
T & F +39 464 439936

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Francesca Cristellotti, curatrice

Stefano Giovanazzi, curatore


Matteo Salvati, pr


Francesco Trentini, art historian


Gabriella Trevisan, art historian



Numero Civico manages a website that presents some of the most interesting worldwide events on contemporary art and culture: it offers, to more than 20,000 visitors a year, from 165 countries, the possibility to know and promote new theoretical, design and culture approaches.

Since 1994 Numero Civico has been hosting an archive AAC Archiviio Arte Contemporanea [Contemporary Art Archive] dedicated to the arts and to the modern and contemporary thought owned by Stefano Giovanazzi: it collects more than 90.000 books and 40.000 documents on art including single pieces, multiples and related materials: posters, invitation cards, records. This material is something really difficult to find and in some cases it is really rare, but in excellent condition and partially available for cultural and artistic projects purposes.

Numero Civico, not only a documentation center, is also a learning experience. At the same time it is a work group which invests its own reflection and creativity around the concept of utopian design and contemporaneity.