MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre | Leena Kela, There is no Planet B
MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre | Leena Kela, There is no Planet B


19:00 - 22:00


Film Front Festival 2022
Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, Katolička porta 5, Novi Sad

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MUU in co-operation with Kaltio and Oulu2026 presents:

There Is No Planet B
– Media art from Finland

Annika Rauhala, Jan Ijäs, Heidi Kilpeläinen, Timo Wright, 
Johanna Väisänen, Leena Kela, Annette Arlander


29 October 2022 at 19:00
Film Front Festival 2022

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad
Katolička porta 5, Novi Sad, Serbia



There Is No Planet B is a compilation of seven short films and video art works made by Finnish media artists. The artists are members of Artists’ Association MUU. The program will be shown at the 20th Film Front Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia. The festival has been the first and most important event to promote the development of independent short film in Serbia.

Novi Sad is the European Capital of Culture 2022.

MUU’s program will be presented at the festival by MUU’s director Timo Soppela, editor in chief of Kaltio Paavo J. Heinonen and artist Annika Rauhala. The visit to Novi Sad will also develop European route E75 art project, that will be part of Oulu European Capital of Culture program for 2026. MUU is a Finnish organisation, founded 1987, and contemporary art centre based in Helsinki, Finland.

The program has borrowed it’s title from the work by Leena Kela, one of the artists of the series. The subjects the artists deal in their works are, among others, global environmental crisis,  militarization, political control, mental health, loneliness and social exclusion. In addition to these heavy themes, however, the works show hope, appreciation for life, and belief that personal positive actions can bring change.

Artists and artworks are:
Annika Rauhala: Pyhiinvaellus I (Pilgrimage I), 3:28 min
Jan Ijäs: On the Art of Set Design, 13:00 min
Heidi Kilpeläinen: Warfare in Heaven, 7:01 min
Timo Wright: Embrace, 4:34 min
Johanna Väisänen: Franciscus, 8:03 min
Leena Kela: There Is No Planet B, 4:26 min
Annette Arlander: Sian vuosi pikkuvaahteran kanssa (Year of the Pig with a Tatarian Maple), 9:10 min
Total duration of the program is 50 min.

Read more about artists and artworks HERE.

MUU’s co-operation partners are Kaltio cultural magazine (Oulu, Finland) and Oulu European Capital of Culture 2026.